White Cross Mission

In 1990 five children were discovered in this cellar. They were tied in their cots and lived in darkness day after day. One child had been there for eight years.

These children from the orphanages in Romania have experienced the most heartbreaking of starts to their young lives. Abandoned, neglected and forgotten, they were left to rot in gaunt institutions where they were shackled to their cots, cold, hungry and sore. Thousands have died and all the survivors are severly traumatised.  When we found the children many could neither walk nor speak.

 Before being rescued     After being rescued

Thanks to the kindness of our supporters we have been able to rescue many and give them homes in the beautiful Romanian countryside. Many have now been adopted and we have just ten children left in our care.

The orphanage itself has been taken over by the Romanian Orthodox Church and they are anxious for us to help them. We have helped to re-furnish the buildings making the centre more like a home and we have embarked on a programme of supplying teachers to work with the children every day.  See the Teaching Programme for more details.

White Cross Mission

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